Sentry Water-Cable Barrier

Manufactured by Traffix Devices Inc.
Brand: Traffix Devices Inc.

The Sentry Water Wall was tested and passed TL-2 and TL-3. Sentry when filled with 833 litres of water weighs 907kg. It is 107cm tall, 183cm long, 22.5cm wide. The four internal cables prevent the impacting vehicle from penetrating the barrier wall.

The Sentry is intended as an alternative to cumbersome concrete barriers in a construction work zone. The Sentry has been tested and passed all TL-3 light and heavy vehicle impacts at 62.5 mph (100 kph). Molded into each Sentry are four (4) ?" (9.5 mm) diameter galvanized stranded steel cables. Multiple Sentry's can be connected together using interlocking knuckles and a 1?" (30 mm) diameter galvanized steel T-Pin to form a barrier wall to protect impacting vehicles from entering on-coming traffic or a workzone. Each Sentry module has in-molded stacking lugs for easy transport and storage.

The Sentry is lighter than concrete median barriers and requires no anchors making it ideal for use on bridge decks.

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