Product Classification

Product classification is a process whereby products and related technologies are evaluated against relevant standards and specifications. In Ontario, The Road Authority (TRA) Products Management Committee (PMC) is responsible for the process of Classification. TRA then publishes the decisions taken by the PMC against the product or technology.

To support procurement activities of governments in the Province, the PMC was created to review products, comparing them to recognized standards and evaluating their applicability for Ontario jurisdictions.

The "Accepted for Use" designation (symbolized by "Accepted Icon" icon beside the product name indicates that a product has been reviewed by the PMC and meets established criteria to be recommended as acceptable for use in Ontario.

The Accepted Icon, as it is commonly referred to, is a pre-qualifier to doing business in the Province of Ontario.

PLEASE NOTE: An Accepted Icon designation does not guarantee that a product will be specified by Ontario Municipal governments.

Local governments in Ontario also refer to the Accepted Icon as a contributing factor in their decision-making processes. While the Accepted Icon designation from PMC does not require a municipality to place a product on their list, it does strengthen the case for the product, and in some cases, such as the Region of Durham, local governments have made the Accepted Icon one of the pre-requisites to being placed on their approved products lists.

Other municipalities, especially smaller ones that do not have the resources to manage their own pre-qualified products lists and to review products, rely purely on the lists published by the MTO, other municipalities and The Road Authority. Getting the Accepted Icon designation will enhance the marketability of your product.

The Classification Process

The first step towards Classification of your product is to become a member of The Road Authority. Once you have subscribed, the next step is to ensure that you have completed and saved the “product profile” for the product in question. This includes identifying any applicable product categories, and recognized standards that the product meets.

Once the product’s details are complete, you can begin the application process. Click on the "Pre-Qualification Application" link for the product. This application is what will be submitted to the PMC. The online application will request the information that is required to complete the process.

The application will also allow you to upload documents certifying the standards that your product meets and any testing or evaluations conducted on the product. Upload all supporting documentation (in PDF, DOC, or JPG format) for the standards, such as verification from a third-party agency or lab noting that a standard has been met. In particular, include documentation for the standards specifically referenced at the top of any pre-qualified products list you wish to be added.

If your product is in use by public owners or road authorities in Ontario or another Province or State, be sure to list them under "Evaluating Agencies" and attach any documentation or correspondence (in PDF, DOC, or JPG format) from these jurisdictions expressing approval or acceptability of the product.

For assistance and advice in completing the PMC product pre-qualification application, contact the TRA at 905-459-9200.

After you submit the application, it will be sent to the PMC committee co-ordinator to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. Meetings are usually held monthly. If everything is in order, they may make a decision at that meeting. If they need more information, they will ask for it and will re-consider the product at a subsequent meeting, once the information is received.

For assistance and advice in completing the PMC product pre-qualification requirements, contact the TRA at 905-459-9200.

Classification Matrix

The Committee employs a classification matrix in their product evaluations. Whatever classification they assign to the product is reflected in The Road Authority database. The classification system is based on a progressive matrix; at the lowest level, manufacturers can post a product without verified qualification; and at the highest level, posted products are tested by an accredited laboratory, and then successfully applied by a reputable organization. Some products, however, may not require verification. The Committee also considers "grandfathering" of proven or existing products for inclusion in the matrix. Technical support documentation is maintained on file with The Road Authority providing a reference for review. Companies are encouraged to assemble their findings and submit them to The Road Authority for review and analysis. For reference please download a copy of the Product Classification Matrix.