Benefits of TRA Membership

For businesses, benefits of TRA membership include a public profile on the portal with links to your products and services. Once profiled, companies in good standing (active membership) can apply to have their products “classified” (refer to the Classification page in the menu).

Members also have the opportunity to access key sponsorship and advertising opportunities on the TRA portal which is used by thousands of unique visitors each day. Exposure of a new product or service can create additional business opportunities.

Some Ontario jurisdictions require membership in The Road Authority – and often an "Accepted for Use" designation from The Road Authority Product Management Committee (PMC) – as a means of ensuring the quality of the products they use and to manage the risk involved with procurement from new sources. Mandatory TRA membership also puts an onus on the product sponsor to verify company and product details at least annually upon renewal of their TRA membership, thereby reducing the jurisdiction’s cost of maintaining product lists and ensuring accurate information.

How Do I Join?

First of all, search our database to see if your company already is a member. If not, you can Register your Company and pay the annual membership fee based on the table below. Once payment is received you can begin entering your products, adding details about them and requesting Classification from the PMC.

Please Note: TRA Fees have changed for all memberships starting or renewing January 1, 2023 and later.

Tier 1

Company-only Listing
(No Products)

Tier 2

1 to 5 Products

Tier 3

6 to 10 Products

Tier 4

11 to 20 Products

1 Month Free Showcase

Tier 5

21 to 35 Products

2 Months Free Showcase

Tier 6

36+ Products

3 Months Free Showcase

Your annual renewal will arrive by email 30 days prior to the expiry of your membership.