Pipe, HDPE, BOSS 2000

Manufactured by Armtec Inc.
Brand: BOSS 2000

High density polyethylene pipe for storm sewer and culvert applications, smooth inside and corrugated outside with split coupler, and Bell & Spigot coupler for sewers - flexible & rigid (rigid pipe as defined by MTO).

Drainage and Sewer Works | Storm Sewers, Culverts and Sub-Drains | Flexible Pipe | Polyethylene
Drainage and Sewer Works | Storm Sewers, Culverts and Sub-Drains | Rigid Pipe

Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use City of Hamilton Approved Products List

Prequalification Lists: 
City of Hamilton - 2.05.04 - HDPE (PDF)
  • Ontario Provincial Standards
    • OPSD 207.044 - Subdrain Pipe Connection and Outlet for Open Graded Drainage Layer
    • OPSD 806.020 - Height of Fill Table, Dual Wall Corrugated Polyethylene Gravity Sewer Pipe - 320 kPa and RSC 160
    • OPSS 1840 - Non-Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Pipe Products
  • American Society for Testing and Materials
    • ASTM D3350-14 - Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Other Standards
    • NQ 3624-120 - Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe and Fittings - Smooth Inside Wall Open or Closed Profile Pipes for Storm Sewer and Soil Drainage - Characteristics and Test Methods