Safety Ladder

Distributed by Fibergrate Canada
Brand: Fibergrate

Easily assembled on site, Dynarail safety ladder system meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Safety ladders provide a custom fit to the supporting structure. FRP Safety Ladder is the ideal system for almost every environment, specially Maintenance Holes (Manholes).

Drainage and Sewer Works | Maintenance Hole, Catch Basin, Ditch Inlet Units and Valve Chambers | Accessories | Ladders

Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use

  • Ontario Provincial Standards
    • OPSS 407 - Maintenance Hole, Catch Basin, Ditch Inlet and Valve Chamber Installation
    • OPSS 408 - Adjusting or Rebuilding Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins, Ditch Inlets, and Valve Chambers
  • ASTM International
    • ASTM D635-10 - Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position
    • ASTM E84-12a - Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
  • Other Standards

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