Marker, Panel, Reflective, Linear Delineation System, Series 340

Manufactured by 3M Canada Company
Brand: 3M Linear Delineation System Series 340

Linear Delineation System panels are 34" x 4", 34" x 6", and 31.5" x 1.5". They are intended for temporary or permanent, 24-hour visibility of concrete barriers and metal guardrails. Linear delineation system panels are fabricated from 3M reflective sheeting, laminated onto a thin gauge of aluminum and formed to a unique shape, which provides retroreflection across a very wide range of angles.
The 1-1/2" panels can easily be installed onto a metal guardrail in the trough (or W) groove.
Linear delineation system panels can be used in a variety of applications including bridge abutments, concrete or metal pillars & posts, and utility boxes.

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Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use

  • American Society for Testing and Materials
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    • ASTM E2152-01(2006) - Computing the Colors of Fluorescent Objects from Bispectral Photometric Data
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