Manufactured by Traffix Devices Inc.
Brand: Traffix Devices Inc.

The SLED™ Mini is a narrow, non-directive gating crash cushion. SLED Mini is MASH Eligible as an End Treatment
when connected to TrafFix Water-Cable Barrier™, (TL-1 & TL-2) and concrete median barrier, (TL-2). The SLED™ Mini
End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck, The Yellow
Module resting in the Containment Impact SLED is required to be filled with water. The SLED Mini contains three
internal cables. It is designed to deform and rupture on impact, absorbing the energy of the errant vehicle. The
complete crash cushion can be installed quickly, with as little as one pick-up truck and two workers, on compacted
dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt or concrete.

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