Rubber Adjustment Riser

Manufactured by Presfab Highway Inc.
Brand: Flex-O-Ring

Rubber adjustment riser for catchbasins/manholes, available in flat or tapered configurations of round, square and rectangular with thicknesses ranging from 13 mm (.5") to 75 mm (3").

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Certifications: Durham Region Approved Products List

Prequalification Lists: 
Regional Municipality of Durham - - Rubber, Below Frame (PDF)
Regional Municipality of Durham - - Rubber, Below Frame (PDF)
  • Ontario Provincial Standards
    • OPSD 704.010 - Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins and Valve Chambers, Precast Concrete Adjustment Units
  • City of Barrie
    • BSD-41 - Maintenance Hole and Catch Basin Grade Adjustment Units
  • ASTM International