MASH-compliant Sequential Kinking Terminal System

Distributed by Pen80 Products

MSKT (MASH-compliant Sequential Kinking Terminal) is an energy-absorbing tangent terminal that is MASH TL-3 compliant. The MSKT is 50'-0? long and has 8 posts spaced at 6'-3? centers. During head-on impacts, the MSKT head slides over the W-beam guardrail. The rail is sequentially kinked as it moves through the impact head. The kinked guardrail exits the head and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop.

  • Ontario Provincial Standards
    • OPSD 922.186 - Energy Attenuator, End Treatment, Steel Beam Energy Attenuating Terminal, Mash Sequential Kinking Terminal System, Installation
    • OPSS.PROV 732 - Guide Rail End Treatment - Steel Beam Energy Attenuating Terminal Systems (SBEATS)
  • Other Standards

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