SMA Hercules Narrow Crash Cushion

Distributed by Pen80 Products
Brand: SMA

The SMA Hercules is a full redirecting, non-gating crash cushion tested to MASH TL-3. Hercules is designed to offer maximum safety for passengers of light and heavy vehicles. Supplied pre-assembled, SMA Hercules provides for quick and easy installation. (see SSP107S06 - Oct 2020 as published by the MTO)

Features & Benefits:

Smaller Footprint to reduce nuisance hits and unnecessary repairs
Efficient repair process that can be completely quickly. The nose section is often reusable.
Device is completely made of galvanized steel construction providing a longer life span.
System can be used for both permanent and temporary applications.
MASH TL-3 approved.
Equipped with NFC Tag permitting access to product information through smart phones.
System Dimensions
Length: 5835 (mm)
Height: 890 (mm)
Width: 590 (mm)