Manufactured by Rehau
Brand: MUNICIPEX by Rehau

MUNICIPEX is a cross-linked, polyethylene (PEXa) pipe engineered specifically for the potable water industry, with the following attributes: lightweight, shippable in coil form, high impact resistance, low thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.

Rehau's cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe is backed by over 35 years of experience and more than one billion feet (300 million metres) of installation experience.

MUNICIPEX meets all necessary certifications and is field proven for use in municipal service lines. MUNICIPEX is more flexible than other piping materials, ensuring high impact resistance with normal backfill, so pipe will not crush or collapse.

With much lower thermal conductivity than copper, deep-frost freezing may be delayed or prevented completely. Unlike copper and composite pipe, MUNICIPEX will expand if frozen, rather than splitting or cracking. It connects to standard compression joint valves and fittings right off the shelf, so it's easy and convenient to install.

Sizes 3/4" to 2":
a. 100 psi (690 kPa) at 180°F (82°C)
b. 160 psi (1105 kPa) at 73.4°F (23°C)
c. 200 psi (1378 kPa) at 73.4°F (23°C)

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Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use

  • American Society for Testing and Materials
    • ASTM F876-15 - Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing
    • ASTM F877-11a - Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Plastic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution Systems
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Other Standards
    • AWWA C904-06 - Cross-Linked Polyethelyene (PEX) Pressure Pipe, ½ In. (12mm) Through 3 In. (76mm), for Water Service
    • NSF/ANSI 14-2013 - Plastics Piping System Components and Related Materials
    • NSF/ANSI 61-2012 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects

  • Canada Waterworks
  • Crane Products, Ltd.
  • Crowle Fittings
  • Emco Waterworks
  • ICONIX Waterworks
  • Integrity Pipeline Products
  • Underground Specialties
  • Wamco Supply Inc.
  • Wolseley Waterworks Group

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