Manufactured by Lock-Block Ontario Ltd.
Brand: Lock- Block®

Precast monolithic Inter-Locking Concrete Blocks have the following nominal dimensions: 750 mm x 750 mm x (1500 mm or 750 mm) +/- 6 mm long chamfered on all sides.
Blocks require a manufacturers' legible identification for mould number and manufacturer.
Blocks shall have adequate engineered shear key with approximately 12 mm clearance around the shear key; and galvanized steel lifting loops (fabricated from a min. 16 mm nominal dia. galvanized 7 Strand pre-stressed wire cable nominal breaking strength of 16 metric tonnes) as engineered by a Registered Engineer in the Province of BC and anchored sufficiently into the block to limit pull out. Concrete be poured monolithically with fresh concrete having a nominal design strength of a minimum 20 MPa., entrained air content of 5 to 7% as tested by plastic concrete testing.
Concrete exposed surfaces shall have a smooth grey finish conforming to CSA 24.4-09 clause 26.2.5 Finish Grade or as required in Special Provisions.

Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use

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