Wick Drain Type 1

Distributed by Layfield Canada Ltd.
Brand: Layfield

Wick Drain type 1 consists of a non-woven filter fabric wrapped around a pre-formed,
corrugated polypropylene core. The core provides a
conduit for water flow to a proper drainage area
while the non-woven filter fabric prevents soil
particles from clogging the core.

Wick Drain (also referred to as strip drain or
prefabricated vertical drain) is used in both vertical
and horizontal applications. In the vertical
application (vertical wick drains), the wick drain is
installed with specialized equipment which drives
the wick drain into the ground. Vertical wick drains,
in conjunction with a preload, provide a drainage
path for water saturated areas to speed up
settlement. This can save the project the time and
money compared to a preload alone or having to
use piles. Horizontal wick drain (strip drain) offers
three advantages over a sand blanket for providing
lateral drainage. Horizontal wick drains are less
expensive, may be installed more quickly and easily
with less manpower and equipment and provides a
more consistant drainage pathway with less

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Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use