Company Name : Polefab Inc.

Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor

Polefab Inc. revolutionized the sectional steel pole market, and continues to serve the Eastern Canada and North Western USA market to this day.

With leading edge technology, engineering and testing performed by the University of Waterloo, Polefab continues to grow its market every year with its unique patented products.

Easily shippable, easily replaceable, and the safest pole in the industry keeps us at the forefront.

Polefab is now expanding into commercial lighting poles, sportslighting and highmast poles, proving that customer service, quality and relationships is what business is all about.

Includes, OPSD OPSS, 2422,2423,2453,2415,2416,2232,2433,615,2453,2476,0630-0020,SP 630F02,2450,2453,2456,911,2452, poles, sectional, steel, commercial, tube, tapered, decorative, traffic, arms, lighting, sports lighting, high mast, anchors, bolts, galvanized, structures, painted, powdercoated, lightpoles, base covers,