Company Name : Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.

Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor

Since 1973, Terrafix has been dedicated to offering owners, engineers and contractors the correct choice of geosynthetics products and innovative technology.

Long recognized as an innovator in the industry, Terrafix now offers services which include design assistance, factory fabrication and installation of a wide range of geosynthetics products.

Terrafix professional staff of salespeople, field technicians, project managers and engineers are available to assist clients in maximizing the benefits that our geosynthetic products and systems make possible. We provide you, the engineer, contractor, and owner with engineering solutions to your problems.

David Fuerth, President
Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.
455 Horner Avenue
Toronto ON M8W 4W9
Phone: 416-674-0363 x240
Fax: 416-674-1159