Manufactured by Dayton Superior Canada Ltd.
Brand: BAR LOCK®, Rebar Splice, End Anchor Disc, Terminator, Structural Connector, Weldable Coupler, Positional Coupler, Transitional, Standard Coupler, D-250SCA, MBT Coupler

The BAR LOCK® rebar splicing system provides a quick and simple means of connecting reinforcing bars together or to structural steel plates or sections. No need to thread the ends of rebar, Couplers utilize lock-shear bolts that snap off at specified torque. Full Tension-Compression. Available in rebar sizes #4 (13M) - #18 (55M) in Uncoated, Epoxy Coated, Galvanized. Also available in Weldable and End Anchor Disc style

Structures and Structural | Reinforcement | Mechanical Connectors | Lockshear Bolt Coupling Sleeve

Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use MTO DSM

Prequalification Lists: 
Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) - 9.65.58 - Reinforcing Steel Bars, Black Steel Mechanical Connectors (PDF)

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