Friday, February 05, 2016


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    HYMAX® effectively repairs and connects a wide range of pipe types and circumferences.

    HYMAX 2 Bolt Wide-Range Coupling
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    HYMAX® Large Diameter effectively repairs and connects a wide range of larger-sized pipes.

    HYMAX Large Diameter
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    The HYMAX® Flange Adaptor effectively connects: water meters; valve boxes; any flanged joints.

    HYMAX Flange Adaptor
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    The HYMAX® Long Body’s extended reach effectively bridges wider gaps between pipes.

    HYMAX Long Body
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    The HYMAX® Reducer connects pipes with different nominal diameters made from all material types: steel, plastic, GRP, AC, Asbestos, Ductile iron, Cast Iron, PVC and PE.

    HYMAX® Reducer
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    The HYMAX® Flange Adaptor Long Body was designed to effectively bridge the gap between water meters, valve boxes and with any use of flanged joints.

    HYMAX Long Body Flange Adapter
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    Ideal for the primary joining of IPS diameter PVC and steel pipes.

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    The Dismantling HYJOINT® quickly connects valves, pumps, meters and pipe assemblies.


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