Couplings, Multi-Range - Models 1506 SF, 1726, 1728 and 1736AS

Manufactured by Robar Industries Ltd.
Brand: Robar Multi - Range, Stab-fit

The Multi-Range couplings work as a transition coupler for pipe of either the same OD's or to pipe of the same nominal size but with different OD's. The couplings can be considered stab-fit as they do not need to be disassembled for installation. They are available with an Epoxy coating and can be supplied with Alloy Bolts or with Stainless Steel Bolts. Our new gasket design for 4",6" and 8" 1506 Stab-fit couplings also make our 1506 Stab-fit a Multi Range coupling.

The 1736AS coupling is an ALL STAINLESS STEEL MULTI-FIT COUPLING with the Body and the Bolts being made of Stainless Steel.

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