Markers, Stimsonite® LifeLite 101 LP

Manufactured by Ennis-Flint
Brand: LifeLite

Reflective low profile snowplowable raised pavement marker (SRPM) with cast iron housing; options of Model 944 prismatic reflective acrylic plastic shell filled with tightly adherent potting compound, or Model C40 durable all-thermoplastic housing with abrasion resistant coated prismatic retroreflective faces. Includes elastomeric bottom pad for lens to absorb impact.

Roadway | Delineation | Pavement Markings | Markers | RPM, Raised, Permanent

Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use MTO DSM

Prequalification Lists: 
Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) - 5.85.55 - Markers, Pavement, Raised, Permanent (PDF)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials
    • ASTM A536-84 - Ductile Iron Castings
    • ASTM D4280-15 - Extended Life Type, Nonplowable, Raised Retroreflective Pavement Markers
    • ASTM D4383-12 - Plowable, Raised Retroreflective Pavement Markers
  • Other Standards
    • AASHTO M237-96-UL - Epoxy Resin Adhesives for Bonding Traffic Markers to Hardened Portland Cement and Asphalt Concrete