Precast Wall System (Gravix®)

Manufactured by DECAST Ltd.
Brand: Gravix®

Gravix® precast wall system was created to meet the demand for minimal excavation requirements (~50% of wall height). Being a true gravity system, select fill is not required which allows structural soil fill or various stone or recycled materials to be used as backfill.

The traffic barrier option provides a finished retaining wall with the barrier in place. Gravix® has been tested and successfully passed the MASH TL-4 vehicle impact loading.

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Certifications: PMC - Accepted for Use MTO DSM

Prequalification Lists: 
Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) - 9.70.56 - Retained Soil Systems (RSS), Wall / Slope (PDF)
  • Canadian Standards Association
    • CAN/CSA-S6-14 PACKAGE - Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code - Consists of S6-14 - Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and S6.1-14 - Commentary on S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

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