Evotherm M1

Manufactured by Ingevity
Brand: Evotherm

EVOTHERM M1 is an innovative warm mix asphalt technology that includes additives to improve coating, surfactants to enhance aggregate-binder adhesion, and agents to promote workability and compaction. EVOTHERM M1 can be added at the asphalt terminal or at the mix plant and is useful for producing warm mix asphalt based on all common formulation ingredients, including modified and unmodified asphalt binders, asphalt rubber, silicate and calcareous aggregates, and RAP materials. EVOTHERM M1 warm mixes can be used for all pavement layers and are ideal for dense-graded mixes, SMA mixes, OGFC mixes, polymer modified asphalts, ultra-thin overlays, and asphalt rubber mixes. EVOTHERM M1 can be used with a wide variety of asphalts and does not adversely impact the asphalt binder performance grade, including asphalt binders modified with SBS, SBR, or EVA.
The use of EVOTHERM M1 allows mix producers and pavement contractors to realize temperature reductions of 35 to 50°C (63 to 90ºF) compared to conventional HMA. Lower temperatures mean less fuel consumption, lower stack emissions, and less fume and odor generation at the plant and job site. Lower temperatures also mean less binder oxidation, which should result in greater crack resistance and longer pavement service life. Mixes based on EVOTHERM chemistry meet Marshall and SHRP volumetric design specifications. Additionally, EVOTHERM warm mixes handle like hot mix and give in-place performance properties meeting or exceeding hot mix asphalt pavement specifications.
EVOTHERM chemistries are tailored to meet the widely varying demands of warm mix asphalt mixture production and paving operations. EVOTHERM M1 meets or exceeds the minimum amine value requirements for use as an adhesion promoter set by many state DOTs.

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