Company Name : Wolseley Waterworks Group

Category: Distributor

All the technical expertise, products and services you need to meet your waterworks project commitments.

When your projects are time sensitive, on tight budgets, and technically challenging, Wolseley's Waterworks Group is recognized as being the partner who delivers. With thousands of products and a team with years of experience working on municipal, industrial, commercial and residential projects, we have the solution to help meet your goals. We know that bringing a project in on time and on budget is difficult under the best conditions, especially with the short Canadian construction season, traffic congestion and severe weather. Our responsive customer service team works when you work to satisfy the most demanding schedules and deadlines, eliminating costly delays. Leveraging long-standing relationships with industry leading manufacturers and a seasoned team of experts, Wolseley Waterworks provides a connection to all the resources you need at over 32 branches across Canada.