Structural List #  9.70.53
Retainment of Soil
Retained Soil Systems (RSS), True AbutmentDate:  Dec 01, 2022

CUSTODIAL OFFICE : SO - Foundations - (416) 235-3715

-Systems eligible for inclusion in MTO work are defined during the project design phase and identified in contract documents.
- Maximum angle is measured from the backface to the horizontal.
- Maximum wall height is for each continuous tier at maximum slope.
- Performance is a rating either High (H), Medium (M) or Low (L).
- Appearance is a rating either High (H), Medium (M) or Low (L).
- Acceptance is a category, with status of Demonstration (DE) or Acceptance (A).
- RSS is also identified as mechanically stabilized earth (MSE).
- Wall height greater than 12m requires project-specific review by MTO.
- Code requirements in CHBDC CSA S6-19 Section 6.19 - MSE Wall Systems.
CompanyRSS No.Trade IdentityMax Angle (Deg)Max Wall HeightAppearanceAcceptance
Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.
1550 Enterprise Road, Suite 229
Mississauga ON  L4W 4P4
Tel: 905-564-0896
Fax: 905-564-2609
8Reinforced Earth Reco Wall (TA) - cruciform, square, rectangle panels9015 mHDE