Electrical List #  6.85.27
Traffic Signal/Flasher Equipment
Flasher Beacon, Solar PoweredDate:  Apr 01, 2019

CUSTODIAL OFFICE : Electrical Engineering - (905) 704-2254

CompanyProduct NameProduct ModelProduct Notes
Solar Signals Inc.
660 B Justus Drive
Kingston ON  K7M 4H4
Tel: 613-634-9116
Fax: 613-900-1681
Single, Dual (Alternating), Three, and Four Way Red Flashers, 200mm and 300mmABS08R1, ABS08R2, ABS08R3, ABS08R4, ABS12R1, ABS12R2, ABS12R3, ABS12R4 
Single and Dual Alternating Amber Flashers, 200mm and 300mmABS08A1, ABS08A2, ABS12A1, ABS12A2 
Combination Red and Amber Flashers, 200mm and 300mmABS08R108A2, ABS08R208A2, ABS12R108A2, ABS12R208A2 
Amber Flasher with Timer, 200mm and 300mmABS08A1T, ABS08A2T, ABS12A1T, ABS12A2T 
LED sign DownlightL24W