General Construction List #  5.85.44
Traffic Guidance
Lines, Permanent, Two Year Pavement MarkingsDate:  Oct 01, 2018

CUSTODIAL OFFICE : MERO - Concrete - (416) 235-3705

CompanyProduct NameProduct ModelMarking TypeColourSurface or InlayPreformed or Formed- In-PlaceProduct Notes
Ennis-Flint (Pickering Plant)
850 McKay Road
Pickering ON  L1W 2Y4
Tel: 1-800-331-8118
Fax: 905-686-1954
PreMarkPreMarkThermoplasticWhite (others available)Surface and Inlay ApplicationsPreformedHigh performance line markings, custom patterns, etc. which are reflective and oil impervious. No preheat of the surface to a specific temperature needed to install.