General Construction List #  5.85.18
Traffic Guidance
Delineator Posts, FlexibleDate:  Oct 01, 2020

CUSTODIAL OFFICE : Traffic Operations & Engineering - (905) 704-2960

CompanyProduct NameProduct ModelProduct Categoric Use IdentifierCategoric Use Description
Flexstake Inc.
2150 Andrea Lane, #C
Ft Myers FL  33912
Tel: 239-481-3539
Toll free:
Fax: 239-482-3539

Canadian Source:
MDM Durable Roadway Markings
1362 Brands Crt, Suite 202
Pickering ON  L1V 2V4
Fax: 905-839-8352
Flexstake HD 600 Series604Ground mounted delineator.Flexible delineator stake dug into or driven into the ground with a pounder.
Flexstake Surface Mount SM 700 Series704Surface mounted delineator.Hard surface mounted delineator post using lag bolts, bituminous adhesive, and/or epoxy.
Flexible tubular marker, TM 750 series750Surface or ground mounted delineator.Delineator post offers 360 degree visibility, in case of breakage post section is easily replaced without demounting.
Flexstake utility marker, UM 300 series300Ground mounted delineator.Flexstake utility marker is an economically priced, moderate impact, off-road sign post or marker that was developed for underground pipelines, cables, or other buried devices.
New Direction Mfg., Inc.
8912 North Fork Drive
N. Fort Myers FL  33903
Tel: 239.464.6591
Fax: 239.599.4576
FTGM Series360Flat Top Ground Mount Delineator 
FTSM Series360Flat Top Surface Mount Delineator 
TGM Series360Tubular Ground Mount Delineator 
TSM Series360Tubular Surface Mount Delineator 
Pexco, Davidson Traffic Control Products
3110 70th Ave East
Tacoma WA  98424
Tel: 253-284-8000
Fax: 253-284-8080

Stinson Equipment Ltd. A/O Stinson Owl-Lite Head Office - Rentals, I.T.S & Fleet Services
130 Creditstone Road
Concord ON  L4K 1P2
Tel: 905-669-2360
Fax: 905-669-3537
FG 300 UR Flexible Guide PostFG 300 URFlexible Delineator/Guide PostPosts are produced from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (Model UR) for outdoor weather resistance with surface mount delineator bases and locking pins to resist impacts.
Safe-Hit Corporation

Ontario Source:
Pivot Safety Products Inc.
180 Ram Forest Road
Gormley ON  L0H 1G0
Tel: 416--694-4420
Toll Free:
Fax: 416-694-4523
SAFE HIT Base Mounting or InstallationSoil Anchor (Dug In or Driven in with a Pounder) and Surface Mount