Structural List #  9.65.73
Reinforcing Steel, Organic Coating System, and Patching CompoundsDate:  Oct 01, 2019

CUSTODIAL OFFICE : MERO - Concrete - (416) 235-3705

Organic coating and pretreatment constitute a Coating System.
Coating Systems have been proven by independent laboratory testing to meet the requirements of ASTM, ANNEX A1, MTO Laboratory Tests LS-420 and LS-421.
CompanyProduct NamePretreatmentColourPatching Compound
3M Canada, Manitoba
400 Route 100
Morden MB  R6M 1Z9
Tel: 204-822-6284
Toll Free:
Fax: 204-822-4181

Canadian Source:
3M Canada - Transportation Safety Division
300 Tartan Drive
London ON  N5V 4M9
Tel: 519-451-2500
Toll Free:
Scotchkote 413Gardobond VP4504GreenScotchkote 413/215 PC Patch Compound
Scotchkote 215Gardobond VP 4504GreenScotchkote 413/215 PC Patch Compound
Scotchkote 446NONE Nonflexible only for Dowel BarsBlue 
Dayton Superior Canada Ltd.
6650 Pacific Circle
Mississauga ON  L5T 1V6
Tel: 416-798-2000
Fax: 416-798-1103
Steel Coating - J-62 (Aerosol Spray Can) GreenJ-62 Aerosol Spray Can
The Sherwin-Willims Company
1101 South Third Street
Minneapolis MN  55415
United States
Tel: 612-851-7000
Greenbar 720A009 (Lilly )Gardobond C4504 ER Green 
Green Rebar Patch; EEG0034/CEC0091 GreenGreen Rebar Patch; EEG0034/CEC0091