Water Systems List #
HydrantsDate:  Nov 22, 2013

DRAWINGS:RMDSD S-210.010RMDSD S-210.020RMDSD S-210.030
CONTACT : Tim Murphy - 1-800-372-1102 or 905-668-7711, Ext. 2211

Specific Requirements:
1) 2 only 63.5 mm nozzles with CSA Standard thread, 5 T.P.I., 73.4 mm O.D.
2) 1 only 100 mm Storz Pumper connection as per ULC #S-520.
3) Hydrant open operating nut counter-clockwise.
4) Hydrant to be painted chrome yellow with Storz cap painted gloss black.
5) Drain ports to be plugged.
6) 2.1 m bury, complete with a 300 mm barrel extension below the main seat valve to provide a standard 1.8 m rod assembly.
7) Trench depths greater than 2.1 m, a 1.8 m trench rod assembly shall be supplied with a barrel extension of the required length below the main valve seat.
8) Provide safety flange to break away cleanly upon impact.
9) Interior surfaces of upper barrel and boot to be epoxy coated meeting AWWA C550 and NSF 61.
10) All pins, bolts and nuts to be Type 304 stainless steel.
11) Minimum working pressure 150 psi.
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Clow Fire HydrantBrigadier M67 (Standard Style)
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Canada Valve Century Fire HydrantCanada Valve Century with Storz pumper connection