Watermain List #  1.10.03
Joint Restraint
Molecularly Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVCO)Date:  Jan 26, 2024

Sigma Corporation
700 Goldman Drive
Cream Ridge NJ  08514
Tel: 609-758-0800
Toll Free:
Fax: 609-758-1158
PV-Lok TM PVM, PVP, PVPF, PWH, PWM, PWP, PWPFPV-LOKPWM - PVCO to MJ fitting, PVPF - PVCO to PVC fitting, PWP - PVCO bell and spigot
SIP Industries
8876 Gulf Freeway, Suite 500
Houston TX  77017
Tel: 713-923-6111
Fax: 713-923-6114
Model EZPVCModel EZPVC100mm to 300mm
Star® Pipe Products
4018 WestHollow Parkway
Houston TX  77082
United States
Tel: 281-558-3000
Toll Free:
Fax: 281-558-9000
Joint Restraints, Stargrip® - Series 4000, 4100PStargrip Series 4000100mm to 300mm
Joint Restraints, Stargrip® -Series 4000G2Stargrip Series 4000G2100mm to 300mm
Joint Restraints, Pipe Restrainers - Series 1000G21000G2Cpipe to MJ or Push-On Fittings (100mm to 300mm), formerly 9000C
Joint Restraints, Pipe Restrainers - Series 1100G21100G2C Bell Joints (100mm to 300mm), formerly 9100C
Joint Restraints, Pipe Restrainers - Series 1200G21200G2C pipe to PVC pressure fittings with DI pipe OD AWWA C907 (100mm to 300mm), formerly 9200C
ALL Stargrip® series 4300ALL Stargrip® series 4300100mm to 300mm. Note: Deflection for C909 PVCO is not allowed per pipe manufacturer.
Tyler UnionMolecularly Oriented PVCO - TUFGrip TLP (red)TUFGrip TLP (red) pipe to MJ fittings (100mm to 300mm)
Joint Restraint, Tufgrip 1500 Dual WedgeTUFGrip Dual Wedge (TDW)Series 1500 (100mm to 300mm)