Street Lighting List #  3.24.01
Power Supply Pedestal
Complete pedestal assemblyDate:  May 02, 2019

consisting of the following:
-100A rated meter socket c/w blank/shorting meter socket insert
-120/240V, 100A panelboard c/w 60A-2P main breaker, 6x40A-1P branch breakers and provision for up to 12 breakers
-All equipment contained within a weather proof, tamper proof, dark green in colour metal ground/pad mounted enclosure
-Enclosure door and internal panelboard door shall have provision for pad-locking CSA or ESA Approved
Keltour Controls Inc.Power Supply Pedestal  
Pedestal Solutions Inc.Power Supply Pedestal - HSLM271-6-40HSLM271-6-40