Sanitary Sewers and Forcemains List #
Siphon Chamber Access Covers
AluminumDate:  Apr 07, 2015

CONTACT : Tim Murphy - 1-800-372-1102 or 905-668-7711, Ext. 2211

Aluminum covers are permitted for off road applications only. This list of products does not apply to treatment plant or pumping station applications.
CompanyProductDescription / Model
Trade Tech IndustriesAccess Cover, Aluminum, Series 3000 - Trough TypeAS (Standard Single Door), ADE/1 (Standard Double Door), HDS/1 (Heavy Duty Single Door), HDS/2 (Heavy Duty Double Door) and ASG/1 (with Safety Grates)
Access Cover, Aluminum, Series 3100 - Standard TypeAS (Single Door) and ADE/1 (Double Door)
Access Cover, Aluminum, Series 3300 - CircularADC (2 Leaf Door) and AQC/1 (4 Leaf Door)
Access Cover, Aluminum, Series 3400AS (Single Door) and ADE (Double Door)
Access Cover, Aluminum, Series 3200 - "Drip Proof"SL